About Us

Check It Out Ltd is a small agency with a lot of experience.

My name’s Jim. I’ve been in the website business since commercial websites began – 1996 to be precise – and working in marketing for twenty years. I’ve made and run websites for dozens of clients, from tiny charities to absolutely enormous government portals. Have a look at my CV to see some of the organisations I’ve worked for.

Over the years I’ve become mildly outraged by some of the absurd quotations received by my smaller clients. And by the pointless bells and whistles added to those sites to justify the amazing costs. I think there’s a lot of nonsense out there aimed at bamboozling small businesses and organisations into paying far too much for a simple website.

On the other hand, free DIY website solutions are often more complex than they need to be, and the end result can be amateurish and leave the user confused and frustrated, or a site is fine but fails to rate in search engines.

With Check It Out I aim to fill this gap: to provide low-cost, professional-looking, effective websites, while at the same time providing transparent pricing and a communicative, jargon-free environment.

I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to make a website quickly and effectively. I also know how to prepare your website to have a good relationship with search engines (‘SEO‘), meaning that you can achieve great performance for a fraction of the cost offered by other web companies. Read more about my website philosophy…

I also offer several other services including the amazing emergency website – websites in a hurry!