Emergency websites

Need a website in a hurry? We can do that!

One-day website. From nothing to up-and-running in one working day.

  • Had a business idea and want to get something online before someone else gets in there?
  • Got a book you want to launch?
  • Losing a pub bet?
  • Surprise party?
  • Shotgun wedding?
  • Simply forgot that you need a website?

We’ll give you our standard service in a fraction of the time, and despite the speed, create a website that isn’t just a stop-gap, but something that you can build on. We’ll do it in a single day, provided you get the information (and payment!) to us in time.

Naturally we will have to charge considerably more, because we’ll have to drop everything else to do it, but if you absolutely totally must have a website by tomorrow, that’s something we can do.