It’s simple

First, fill in the contact form.

Next, we’ll give you a call at a time of your choosing. This call will take up to twenty minutes and will establish what you’re hoping to achieve. I’ll also discuss our sales terms.

No doubt you already have promotional literature and/or brochures for your business (if not, talk to us, as we can also provide writing services). If you have your literature on the computer already, just email it to us. If you only have it in print, then post it. If there’s anything we think is missing, we’ll let you know.

You probably already have a logo (again, if not, logo design is something else we can provide – get in touch). If it’s on your computer, then we’d prefer to receive it in a ‘vector’ format (usually something like Illustrator, PDF, or very high-resolution Bitmap or Jpeg files). If you only have it on paper, send it anyway and we’ll do our best with it!

We’ll get your site online within a week. At this point it will only be visible to you with a username and password that we’ll provide – and you can approve it or suggest minor changes. Once you’re happy and we have received payment, we will make it public, and then tell the search engines how to find it!

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