Terms of business

Note: the following terms apply to a standard contract. For custom contracts (e.g. if the client already has a hosting account), further terms may be required and will be agreed with the client in advance.

The company

Check It Out Limited (“CiO”) is a limited company registered in England and Wales (Company number 9466269, VAT number GB 243 9285 87), 52 High Street, Pinner, HA5 2PW, UK.

Site creation:

CiO will provide its customer/s (“the Client”) with a website (“the Site”).

This site will be built on the WordPress platform, a blogging and content management system platform (“the CMS”), using a template chosen by the client from a list provided by CiO.

CiO will make as many changes as is reasonably necessary within the confines of the chosen template, to customise the website to reflect the customer’s chosen brand identity.

CiO will also make recommendations, as appropriate, for the most effective ordering of information supplied by the client.

Hosting and Domain Name:

CiO will set up a hosting account on behalf of the client with HostKoala.com. HostKolala has been chosen as a large and very reliable web hosting company located in the most appropriate geographical area for your business, which claims 100% ‘uptime’ in service. However, CiO cannot be held liable for any interruptions in service caused by this provider.

CiO will use the HostKoala account to secure a domain name for the client’s site. Please note that many domain names are already in use, so in the event that the desired domain name is already taken, CiO will work with the client to secure a domain name as close to the client’s wishes as desired. This domain name will be for the exclusive use of the client for a period of one year from commencement of work.


CiO will set up a maximum of twenty email accounts on behalf of the client, using the client’s chosen domain name.

Registration with Google:

CiO will create a Google account on behalf of the site. This is for the purposes of registering the site with ‘Google Webmasters’, ‘Google Places for Business’, and for tracking the site’s performance (‘Google Analytics’).


CiO will commence work on the site when funds equalling 50% of the total amount agreed between CiO and the client have cleared. The site will be made public on the Web following the final 50% of the total amount being cleared.

Payment may be made via bank transfer, PayPal direct or credit card via PayPal. Details will be supplied.

End of contract:

The client may choose to renew their contract with CiO. However, if they do not, CiO will provide the client with:

All administrator passwords required to service

  • the site
  • the HostKoala account
  • the domain name
  • the CMS
  • the Google account

and will destroy any copies it holds.


Please see CIO’s privacy policy.52 High Street Pinner HA5 2PW UK